10 DIY Ideas 4 Thrift Store Findings


We often hear people complain that they’re no good at thrift store shopping – they have an aversion to dirt, no patience, or just bad luck. The truth is that anyone can be a good thrifter if they keep an open mind. It’s as simple as recognizing when an object needs a good cleaning, a coat of paint, or even just a new context. Need mode direction than that? Here’s a list of a few common items to keep an eye out for – an ultimate DIY shopping list to carry with you next time you thrift 😉

1 – Dishes

You can find mismatched dishes in a range of colors and patterns at any thrift shop. Use them to build a collection, hang a wall of plates, make them into mirrors, candles, etc.

Via Secretariaevento.es

2 – Artwork

If you’re thinking of hanging a wall of clustered artwork, thrift shops are a great place to build a cheap, out-of-the-ordinary collection. Or add some subtle changes to a cheap piece of art to really make it yours.

Via Athomeinlove.com

3 – Shelves and Secretaries

Storage pieces are always useful around the house. Clean up shelves with paint or wallpaper. Although old-fashioned, secretaries are really useful pieces that can easily transform into a home office bar or linen closet.

Via Bhg.com

4 – Sweaters and Blankets

Have these dry-cleaned, and then use them to add some coziness to your home by reupholstering a chair seat, or covering a footstool.

Via reciclainventa.org

5 – Trunks, Suitcases, and File Cabinets:

Industrial trunks and storage pieces or vintage suitcases are easy to find at flea markets and thrifts shops. Clean them up and use them as occasional tables.

Via Statesales.org

6 – Dining Chairs

Whether you’re looking for a whole set or a single side chair, dining chairs are always waiting to be scooped up at second-hand shops. If your chair needs a little love, try painting it, reupholstering a seat, or staining it.

Via Curbed.com

7 – Dining Tables

Simple thrift store tables can be used for kitchens, dining rooms, or repurposed as a desk. If the table is scuffed or needs some DIY, try restyling it with paint, fabric, or even just a tablecloth.

Via Countryliving.com

8 – Lamps

Sometimes all a lamp needs is a new shade and a good cleaning to make it brand new. If you find a broken lamp at a thrift store, you can always try rewiring it.

Via Upcycledtreasures.com

9 – Rocking Chairs

We can’t tell you how many Thonet rocking chairs we’ve found at thrift shops around the $30 mark, usually in excellent condition. Rockers are great for child’s room, a porch, or even a corner that needs a big piece. If your chair is a little dull, try painting it.

Via Grandinroad.com

10 – Fabric

If you’ve got basic sewing skills, thrift stores are the perfect place to look for a fabric scraps to use for pillows, napkins, tablecloths, curtains and any other project that could use a stash of mismatched prints. Just make sure to wash your fabrics before using them.

Via Alwaysdolledup.com

Source:  10 Common Thrift Store Finds That Work Great for DIY Projects | Apartment Therapy.



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