Wedding Planning – What 2 Buy Second-hand

weddingplanningwhat 2 buy Secondhand1

It’s the one word every bride-to-be dreads: budget. It’s dark cloud that stands between you and your dream wedding and if you could ignore it and pretend it didn’t exist, you would. Too bad that’s not gonna. But you know what is? Proper planning! When it comes to putting together the perfect wedding and saving money, buying second-hand can really save a bride a bundle. So to help you keep costs down on your big day, here are 10 wedding items that don’t need to be purchased brand-new. Let the saves begin!

1 – Bridesmaid Dresses

Every bridesmaid knows one thing: they’re going to spend a fortune on a dress they’re only going to wear one (contrary to what the bride says, you will never shorten it and wear it to a cocktail party). Save your maids a bundle by shopping second-hand for their gowns.


2 – Veil

This is an item that simply makes no sense to buy, says money expert and recent bride Andrea Woroch, “Really, a $400, veil that looks like every other one that you friends wore?”


3 – Bridal Jewelry

One way to slash bridal jewelry from the budget is to find on second-hand shops. You can also wear a heirloom necklace, earrings, or other jewelry handed down from a vintage store as the “something old” in your wedding.


4 -Decor

Bride Liv Kellfren bought all of her linen table cloths and napkins for 130 people -at thrift stores, “I got different colors, all cotton linen, and spent 30 percent of what it would’ve been to rent them. The reception hall looked like confetti with all of the different colors – it was awesome!”. You can also check Craigslist for local brides unloading their table and wedding decor for less.


5 – Toasting Glasses

Why spend a lot of money on something you’re going to use for less than five minutes on the big day?



Source: Wedding Planning Tips | What To Buy Secondhand « SHEfinds.


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