Where 2 Save When You Splurge

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If having a stylish, well-decorated home is important to you, chances are you’ve dropped some dough on home accessories.  Certainly, there are the big ticket items–such as furniture, appliances, and things like flooring–that cost a pretty penny no matter how big or small your budget is.  All of the little things that really make a house a home, however, can add up quickly, too.  This guide will tell you how to save a little bit of your hard-earned money, even when your tastes in home decor lean towards the finer things.

By carefully choosing some high-end furnishings while opting for stylish, yet less-expensive, options elsewhere, you can fool even the most discerning eye.

Window Coverings

Splurge: If you have a room that has a window as its focal point, you may want to ante up more money for the curtains.  Lined panels are typically more expensive, but help with heating bills in colder climates and don’t fade as readily due to sun exposure.

 It’s definitely worth a try to check discount home stores like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning for great deals on designer panels; however, you may need to look elsewhere and spend more for quality, well-made window coverings.

Save: On the other hand, there are lots of stylish, ready-made and relatively inexpensive options at retailers like Target and World Market.  If you’re not afraid of sewing, you can save even more by purchasing plain panels and sewing on your own trim or a contrasting band of fabric to the bottom.  Sourcing your fabric from unexpected places can also lower costs. For instance, you could make two panels out of one shower curtain.

Save: The curtain rods and rings, however, are one area where you can definitely save.

After all, why spend a ton of money for something you can barely see?  Shop big box retailers like Wal-Mart for lower-priced options, just make sure they are sturdy and won’t sag in the middle from the weight of your curtains.  As an alternative, DIY your own by painting dowel rods and attaching finials.


Splurge: Toss pillows that get used a lot should be comfortable.  No one likes to sit on a couch backed with rock-hard pillows.  Spend a little more for down-filled or synthetic pillow inserts that can be washed, and actually feel like a pillow.

Save: There are so many beautiful, inexpensive options for pillow covers on the web and in stores these days, that it just doesn’t make sense to spend big money on them.  If, however, you’d like custom-made pillows and have your heart set on a fabric that’s on the pricey side, consider buying just a small amount of yardage for the front of the pillow cover and use a less expensive fabric for the back.


Splurge: Sheets can make or break a good night’s sleep.  Go for sheets with a higher thread-count every time, which are more expensive, but well worth it in the long run.  There’s no shame in waiting for a good sale, however.

Save:  It’s less important to have a duvet cover or comforter that costs a lot.  Since these top coverings get the least amount of use–unless of course you have pets who jump on the bed–you can save here. Layering bed linens–even if they are inexpensive–lends a luxurious feel to a bedroom.  Top a discounted duvet with a throw for a high-end look.

Wall Art

Splurge: Shopping for art at galleries or fine art shows is definitely not the most economical way to cover your walls; however, wall art that speaks to you or is meaningful to you in some way is always splurge-worthy.  If you are certain you’ll never tire of looking at a piece of art, get it.

Splurge: Since it’s very possible to find art prints from less-expensive sources, however, it might be wise to splurge on the frame instead.  Custom framing is almost cost-prohibitive, especially when you’ve already dropped big bank on the art itself.  But if you happened to save on the art, splurge on the frame. Putting it in an substantial frame with a professional mat will make your art look much more expensive.

Save: Art prints, as just mentioned, are one way to save on wall art.  Or, consider one of these 39 other things you can put on your wall, none of which break the bank.


Splurge: A beautiful lamp shade can be a conversation piece that adds texture, color, and interest to a room.  Likewise, a lamp base that’s extra-special might be worth the money, too, if you want to make a statement with your lighting.

Save: Lamps aren’t always sold ala carte (i.e. the shade and lamp base often come together); but, when they are, pair an expensive shade with a lamp base from Target.  Or do the reverse and save on a basic white drum shade to top a jewel-toned gourd lamp.


Splurge: Certain home accessories are worth spending a little more money on, especially when it comes to scale. For instance, if you are trying to choose between a large vase and a small one for your mantel, opt for the larger one, even though it’s likely the more expensive of the two.  Larger home accessories, if scaled properly, have more presence and give a more professional look to a room.

Splurge: Trends are fun to embrace, and they can give your home an of-the-moment look. Giving yourself permission to splurge on one or two trendy pieces for your home can be a fun way to breathe new life into a space. Pick from one of these enduring trendsfor a look that won’t go out of style next week.

Save: Save money on organizing essentials like baskets and bins by purchasing them from discount stores. Candles, tabletop picture frames, and small decorative objects are other things that add personality to a room, but that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on.  You can also save by decorating with items you already have, like books, or by shopping at yard sales for unique items to give your home a unique, collected-over-time look.

Source: Where to Save When You Splurge


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