23 Kid’s Halloween Costumes From The Thrift Store

The 25 best kid’s Halloween costume ideas from the thrift store or your closet that are easy, inexpensive, fun, homemade and classic.

Via Andrew Rich | Getty Images

1.  Aviator

What you need: Leather bomber jacket, beige/khaki pants, leather helmet, aviator scarf and goggles.

Via Mordolff | Getty Images

2.  Biker

What you need: Leather jacket, white T-shirt, dark jeans, black boots or sneakers, bandana, sunglasses and biker gloves.

Makeup: Use dark brown or black eyeliner or eye shadow to color in beard and mustache stubble on a boy.

Via Igor Demchenkov | Getty Images

3.  Bride/Groom

What you need for a girl: Pretty white dress, white veil, white shoes, flower bouquet and a wedding ring.

What you need for a boy: Tuxedo or suit, flower boutonniere, black dress shoes, top hat and a wedding ring/band.

Via KidStock | Getty Images

4.  Bunny Rabbit

What you need: White dress or white separates, bunny ears and a fluffy tail.

Makeup: Use black eyeliner to draw whiskers. Use pink lipstick or blush to color in a cute, pink bunny nose.

Via ArtMarie | Getty Images

5.  Businessman or Businesswoman

What you need for a boy: White button-down shirt, tie, dress pants, dress shoes, hat (fedora), eyeglasses and briefcase. Possible prop: an empty Starbucks cup.

What you need for a girl: White button-down shirt or blouse, dark straight pencil skirt, dark blazer or jacket, black flats, eyeglasses and briefcase. Possible prop: an empty Starbucks cup.

Via KidStock | Getty Images

6.  Cowboy/Cowgirl

What you need: Plaid or denim button-down long-sleeve shirt, vest, blue jeans, leather belt, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, bandana and toy gun in holster (but be sure that the toy gun remains in the holster the entire night).

Via Tobi Corney | Getty Images

7.  Farmer

What you need: Overalls, long-sleeve shirt, work boots and hat (straw). Props could include: a toy rake, toy hoe and/or a stuffed farm animal like a pig, sheep or lamb.

Via Harold M. Lambert | Getty Images

8.  Football Player

What you need: Football uniform, football helmet, cleats or sneakers, shoulder pads (if unavailable, stuff the shoulders with small pillows or folded towels) and a football.

Makeup: Use black eyeliner to blacken the area underneath the eyes

Via Ryan McVay | Getty Images

9.  Frankenstein

What you need: Black jacket, black pants and white T-shirt.

Makeup: Green paint for the face. Black eyeliner or makeup pencil to draw scars, bolts and to darken the eyes.

Via Zing Images | Getty Images

10.  Ghost

What you need: A white sheet with large holes cut out for the eyes and mouth (unless you choose to draw the mouth on the sheet with a black permanent marker), a hat to hold the sheet in place and clothing to wear underneath the sheet (preferably all black or all white

Via Maria Pavlova | Getty Images

11.  Glamour Girl

What you need: Anything sequined, frilly, feathery or furry, like a dress, fur vest or coat, kid heels, feather boa, a lot of necklaces and bracelets, a cute glam hat and handbag.

Makeup: A little lipstick, blush and eye shadow.

Via M Swiet Productions | Getty Images

12.  Hippie

What you need: A top or tunic from the late 1960s/early 1970s, vest, flared or bell bottom jeans, sandals or Converse sneakers, beads and/or puka shells, headband and long hair. Props can include a guitar, tambourine or slouchy hobo bag.

Via Lambert/Archive Photos | Getty Images

13.  Hobo

What you need: Overalls or baggy, ill-fitting separates like a plaid shirt and baggy jeans, old shoes and fedora hat. Props can include a stick with bandana pouch tied to the end, a can for coins or a cardboard sign with a message saying “Trick or treat!” or “Will work for candy!”

Via Nicole Hill Gerulat | Getty Images

14.  Mad Hatter

What you need: A crazy, colorful combination of clothes topped off with a bright fitted button-down blazer (preferably a tail coat), an oversized bow tie and a top hat (can be tiny, like a fascinator). Must-have prop: a teacup and saucer (use a plastic toy set because ceramic or glass will likely break).

Makeup: Keep it natural or opt for a white face with orange and pink features.

Via JGI/Tom | Getty Images

15.  Princess

What you need: Pink and white dress with frilly, ballerina-style skirt, white or pink dress shoes, flats or slippers, a tiara and a wand.

Via Layland Masuda | Getty Images

16.  Punk Rocker

What you need: Black separates that have skulls, rips, metallic hardware or a punk band on the front, lace or mesh gloves, lace or mesh stockings (torn is even better), black boots, belt with studs or grommets, edgy bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Makeup: Dark eyeliner, red lips and streaks of color in the hair.

Rubberball | Getty Images

17.  Rodeo Clown

What you need: Striped shirt, oversized jeans with suspenders or oversized overalls, colorful scarves, straw hat, bandana, sneakers and a red clown nose.

Makeup: Traditional clown makeup that includes white face, red nose, pink circles on cheeks, colorful eyes and an exaggerated red mouth.

Via SW Productions | Getty Images

18.  Scarecrow

What you need: Overalls and plaid long-sleeve shirt stuffed with a little straw or hay, boots and large straw hat.

Makeup: Black or brown eyeliner or makeup pencil to color in the nose, eyebrows and to draw a few stitches around the mouth.

Via Donna Day | Getty Images

19.  Vampire

What you need: Black separates and a black cape with stand-up collar.

Makeup: White face makeup, red lipstick to draw blood on and around the mouth, dark eye shadow to darken the eyes and plastic vampire teeth.

Via Maria Pavlova | Getty Images

20.  Witch

What you need: Black separates or a black dress, black pointy hat and pointy shoes. Optional props: A broom, a black caldron and a toy frog.

Makeup: Green face makeup, black eyeliner to draw in moles and warts and a large fake nose. If you want to keep it natural, draw just a few stars on one cheek with glitter makeup.

Via Nina Shannon | Getty Images

21.  Zombie

What you need: Clothing and shoes that are ragged, torn and dirty (even speckled with red).

Makeup: Grayish white face makeup, black eyeliner to darken the eyes and cheekbones and draw on scars and lipstick for a red, bloody mouth. Hair should look crazy and disheveled.

Via Nicole Hill Gerulat | Getty Images

22.  1950s Teenybopper

What you need: White blouse, black fitted jacket or bolero, poodle skirt or awide 1950s-era circle skirt, white bobby socks, Mary Jane or saddle shoes and a sheer pink scarf. Hair should be worn in a ponytail or worn back in a headband.

Jason Verschoor | Getty Images

23.  1980s Kid

What you need: Bright, neon layered separates, bright sneakers or black Converse, sunglasses, black hat. Props can include a boombox or a Walkman portable cassette player.

Source: 25 Kid’s Halloween Costumes from the Thrift Store


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