This Bra Molds To Your Body And Washes Itself 


Via Kickstarter

AAAAhh, bra shopping is the worst. And chances are, the ten or so you have don’t really fit you right, either. Enter: The Evolution Bra by Knix Wear ($50), which is currently killing it on Kickstarter. Here five reasons why it just might change your life.

Via Kickstarter
  1. The average woman wears a bra for one month without washing it. Gross. This bra wicks moisture and has special odor-killing technology that uses silver fibers to kill bacteria–meaning you really only have to clean it every few weeks.
  2. Just like your favorite T-shirt bra, Evolution’s design is seamless and appears invisible under your clothes.
  3. It provides support without underwire and is so comfortable, you can allegedly sleep in it.
  4. It’s made of high-performance fabrics that mold to your body using four-way stretch–good for hiking, yoga, dancing and even surfing.

  5. It’s machine washable, reversible and has removable straps that can be worn straight or crossed (for extra support). Plus, each bra comes with an extra pair of straps in a different color for versatility.

AKA the best bra ever

Starting at $50;

Source: This Bra Molds to Your Body and Washes Itself | Fashion | PureWow National


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