What Happens When Total Strangers Kiss Blindfolded?

What if you met someone for the first time while kissing them blindfolded? How would you imagine them? How would it effect seeing them for the first time afterwards? And so begins this fascinating social experiment by Jordan Oram.

Each participant is blindfolded and ask to kiss in front of the camera. The resulting interactions range from extremely awkward to movie-smooch status. Some people are surprisingly good at kissing blindfolded and seem to really strike up something special with their kissing partner.

‘What if you meet the person you fell in love with from the first kiss?’ Oram asks. ‘What if it was like your first kiss? What if you met someone, you kissed them, and then you introduced yourself? And then you built chemistry from that’.

I wonder if any relationships ever came out of these interactions?

Source: What Happens When Total Strangers Kiss Blindfolded? | So Bad So Good


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