How To Thrift Shop For Accessories


When it comes to budget fashion and saving money on accessories, the thrift store is your ultimate place to shop. Whether you’re looking for vintage accessories from yesteryear, or lightly used modern items, you can find some amazingly affordable accessories at the thrift store. Yet, even with low prices and a unique visit each time, there’s a method to making the most of the money you spend. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful thrift shopper.

1. Double check quality and condition

While you’re considering buying an item, examine the quality of the piece. You might be lucky enough to find some things in brand new condition, but most of your discoveries will be used and well loved. Are there any rips, tears or stains? Is it on the verge of falling apart? Can it survive a few more years of use, on top of what its already endured? Secondhand items must be double and triple checked before you give it another run. You might be lucky enough to find a flaw that can easily be fixed, such as a hole that can be sewed up or a clasp that can be replaced. However, if an item is too run down, it won’t be worth your money.

2. Don’t Buy It Because It’s Cheap

It can be tempting to buy every handbag, scarf and necklace when the price tag is next to nothing. Impulse buying is very easy in a thrift store, but avoiding doing so is one of the top rules of developing a solid wardrobe. Keep in mind that thrifted impulse buys can get you in trouble; you can easily end up stocking up on things you’ll never use. Stop and imagine the accessory in your closet, along with possible events and potential outfits.

Take into consideration the following concept: spending a little more money on an item you love, rather than less for an item you like, will pay off better in the long run. For example, buying one $6 handbag that you adore — instead of three $2 scarves you somewhat like — is a much wiser way to spend your pennies. Not only will you get your money’s worth, but you’ll be able to proudly say you scored a great thrift store find.

3. Buy Your Size

This tip mainly applies to clothing and shoes, but it can actually be applicable to accessories like gloves, rings and bracelets. Size and fit are two very important factors that must be taken into consideration. A bracelet that can fit comfortably around your wrist is a much better buy than one that is too small or big. If it doesn’t fit properly, you’ll be less likely to wear it. You might like the style and the price might be great, but both won’t matter if it doesn’t fit correctly.

4. Pay Attention to Special Sales

Keeping up with sales and promotions at your local thrift store will really help you save some money. Stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill have daily color coded sales. For example, all items with yellow tags are 50% on a particular day every week. Sometimes, events like a “Friends and Family Sale” or “Back to School Sale” will offer significant discounts. Brown bag sales will let you buy whatever you can stuff into a brown bag for a certain price, usually around $5 or so. Ask the employees and keep tabs on these sales for the ultimate money saving thrift shopping experience.

5. Know the Accessory Basics

Becoming familiar with the basic accessories that every woman should own will help you keep an eye out for essential pieces that you might be missing. Whether it’s a black leather handbag or that perfect statement necklace, you might just find it at the thrift store. By keeping these items in mind, you’ll be stretching every dollar even further when you come across a staple accessory at the thrift store.

6. Be Patient

Patience is the key virtue to keep in mind while shopping – thrift store or otherwise. It’s all about chance and luck, because you never really know what you’ll find. If you don’t find anything you love, remember that it’s okay to leave empty handed. Taking your time and keeping a straight head is important for successful thrift shopping. Try to set aside a specific time to shop for secondhand goods, such as a day that you’re free of multiple errands and appointments. This will ensure that you won’t feel rushed, letting you concentrate on finding those hidden gems.

7. Be Creative

In a thrift store, anything goes. When you’re considering an item, keep an open mind about how you can use it. You can turn a purse into a clutch, if the straps are removable. You can use a necklace as a belt, headband, or bracelet depending on the length and style. Or, you wear a brooch in several unique ways. Not only will you be transforming an item into something that you know you’ll love.

Source: Kirsten Nunez | How to Thrift Shop for Accessories


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