15 Wedding Dresses Ordered Online That Look Nothing Like The Real Thing

While online shopping is always risky, buying a wedding dress online may be the biggest gamble of them all.

Still, many brides-to-be will scour the internet in search of tempting discounts or convincing counterfeit gowns. But if you dare to order that dream dress online, you may well receive a truly unrecognizable garment in your mailbox — not to mention, it probably comes from a sweat shop.

Several Facebook pages –including Brides Beware, Knockoff Nightmares andInternational Ownership — collect photos documenting the brides’ online shopping horror stories. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best photos below.

1 – Lime green is the new white?

2 – Something old, something new, something borrowed, something ew

3 – Business casual bridal wear is something we (thankfully) haven’t seen before

4 – Your pre-school ballet costume is making a comeback

5 – But it looked so nice on your Pinterest board

6 – Warning: Online purchases may appear tackier IRL

7 – Pnina Tornai is crying blood tears right now ;(

8 – If you squint REALLY hard, these dresses almost look like distant cousins

9 – When DIY goes very, very wrong

10 – Everything is not coming up roses

11 – All you need to replicate the look? A petticoat and an over-active imagination

12 – Pop quiz: Can you spot the fake one?

13 – One of these is not like the other

14 – Nothing a whole new dress couldn’t fix

15 – When it seems too good to be true, it probably is

Why do these dresses turn out so poorly? Aron Padley, a bridal retailer, told Brides Beware that counterfeit retailers “use the cheapest, crappy material they can find. Nothing is ever straight when it comes to hemming. If you order in ivory it usually comes in white in the wrong size with no structure, no boning and 99% of the time unhappy brides.”

Source: 15 Wedding Dresses Ordered Online That Look Nothing Like The Real Thing


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