Budget Wedding Decor: 3 Ways To Style With Thrift Store Finds


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We’ve all seen them: those gorgeous weddings that are bursting with originality and details from another era. While you may run into many of these items in your local thrift store, there is a common misconception that it is easy and affordable to style your wedding with thrift store finds. I grew up stomping the dusty grounds of antique fairs and flea markets, watching my mom and grandma bargain with vendors. Over the years they have taught me what to look for and when it is time to walk away. Knowing your budget, having a goal, and staying true to your style will help you determine which budget wedding decor thrift store finds are worth the time and money AND also make the biggest visual impact.



Half of a reception is spent eating and sitting at the table, and serving your meal on unique pieces of china is a great way to create a special experience for guests while they dine. China will also make a major impact on your tablescape design. The added bonus being that after the wedding, you and your new husband or wife now have your very own set of wedding china completely unique to you! No need to include that classic on your registry…

Via Paper Antler | Ruffled Blog


If you are planning a large wedding of 100 or more guests, it can leave you wondering what to do with the collection of plates at the end of the day. In this case, consider looking for local rental companies that supply vintage pieces.

Wedding Planner Tip:

Make sure your caterer is wiling to serve on the plates you plan to provide. Many caterers are also happy to pack up the dirty plates at the end of the event, wash them, and have them available for pickup later that week.

Average Price: $1.00 – $5.00 per plate



Between the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, there are plenty of opportunities to pull in unique vintage seating arrangements. Choosing to feature vintage seating makes a statement while also bringing rich textures and intricate details to your photographs.

Planning on purchasing a new home? One of my brides has decided to purchase, refinish, and reupholster seating for their cocktail hour, and plans to use a majority of her finds in their new home!

Via Valorie Darling Photography | Desiree Hartstock


Storage. Trying to decide where your seating purchases will stay until the day of the wedding and how they will make their way to the venue can be a bit of a challenge.

Average Price: $5.00 – $75.00 per chair

Wedding Planner Tip:

Stick to using the reclaimed chairs during one part of the event, and opt for more practical rentals for the remainder of the occasion. For instance, at my own wedding I will rent simple seating for the ceremony, with the reception featuring more unique seating arrangements mixed with rented high tops to accommodate more guests and encourage mingling.



Thrift stores are abounding with affordable glass, tin, silver, ceramic and even metal vessels. Select vessels that can hold candles and flowers, while providing height differences and maintaining the overall style of your wedding. With a collection of unique vessels, you may even find that your budget for the florist decreases (yay!).

Via Paper Antler | Ruffled Blog


Other than finding a convenient place to store the pieces, there are not many cons to this option. They are much easier to store and transport to the venue, and your future dinner parties will always have beautifully styled tables.

Price: $0.50 – $10.00

Wedding Planner Tip:

Don’t limit yourself to thrift stores! You can often find even better prices at auctions. Many items are sold in “lots” and you can walk away with a deal like 20 bud vases for $10.

As overwhelming as it may seem, remember to have fun with the styling of your wedding. Keep your budget in mind and make an afternoon date with your fiancé, bridesmaid, or groomsman at a local thrift store. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to shop owners and ask if they would consider renting pieces out to you. Sometimes all it takes is a little faith, trust, and vintage dust to create the vintage-inspired wedding of your dreams.

Source: Budget wedding decor: 3 ways to style your wedding with thrift store finds – Wedding Party


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