6 Affordable Eco Fashion Brands That Won’t Break the Bank

Does it seems like sustainable fashion options are so much more expensive than their fast fashion alternatives? FACT: There are many new and older brands out there that offer environmentally and ethically produced fashion at totally affordable prices. We’ve rounded up 7 of our favorite eco fashion brands that will keep you and your wallet happy – and we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to resist their gorgeous fall collections – and don’t forget to shop the sales for even better deals!


Via onemangotreeuganda.blogspot.com.br

One Mango Tree’s cute and casual collection of top, tees, skirts, shorts, dresses and accessories range between $30 and $60 and are made from locally sourced and organic fabrics. One Mango Tree garments are made by artisans and underprivileged members of the community in Northern Uganda that are in need of employment, working with these artisans to provide design assistance and training, alongside the ability to successfully sell their wares to a global market.


Via Facebook Page Etrican

Etrican is a Singapore-based eco fashion label committed to the use of GOTS certified organic cotton for their garments and upcycled materials for their accessories. These super cute, youthful and trendy pieces range between $20 and $50.


UK-based Rapanui’s cool collection of amazingly soft graphic tees and basic’s like leggings, socks and hoodies range between $30 and $60. The label uses an organic, ethical and low-carbon approach to clothing production and places traceability at the forefront of its philosophy. Rapanui’s trace mapping tool allows consumers to find out exactly where their garment came from and how its was made.


Via ReUse Jeans Facebook Page

The jeans made by ReUse are crafted from 80% recycled fabric, keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfill. With prices under $100, this collection of uber trendy jeans offers a range of styles from skinny to flared, colored to moto chic. All ReUse jeans are finished with fashion-forward, non-toxic wash treatments and accentuated by handcrafted detailing and signature touches.


Via Stewart + Brown Facebook Page

Stewart & Brow’s collection of timeless and chic eco fashion pieces are made from natural and sustainable materials such as organic pima cotton, hemp and Tencel. The label’s basics range in price from $60 to $100, offering a viable rival to slightly pricier brands like Banana Republic, BCBG and Urban Outfitters.


Via Prairieunderground.com

Climbing a bit more in price range, these feminine and wearable pieces range from $100 to $250, with edgy and clean details ideal for the modern urban dweller. Made locally in Seattle, sustainable materials like hemp and organic cotton make up this label chic dresses, trousers, skirts, tops and jackets. Their designs are so timeless that you will be wearing their designs for a decade or more.


Source: 7 Affordable Eco Fashion Brands That Won’t Break the Bank – EcoSalon


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