Body Positivity is Not Glorifying Obesity…

Found this on and I think it’s a really good insight about body positivity 😉

Unless you’re a newcomer to my blog, you’ll have noticed that my posts largely revolve around body positivity. Being a body positive activist is quite a feat to undertake – it means putting your own body out there to be seen, to be potentially criticised, whilst trying to practice what you preach. You have to be seen to not just speak words of body love, but show that you love your body too. As a plus size woman, I get my fair share of stick for doing so, and unless you’ve been living on Mars you’ll have seen Tess Holliday hitting the headlines too, but unfairly, it seems that she’s coming under attack for doing what she does as a plus size model. People are jumping to the conclusion that Tess and other plus size, body positive warriors are ‘glorifying and normalising obesity’ – bollocks, I say. And here’s why…

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