How To Upgrade Ur Wardrobe Without Buying Any New Clothes

Ok, first: Put all your clothes in a pile on your bed.

Look at all that stuff. You don’t wear half of it, do you?

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Take all the pieces that are dingy, ratty, torn, or otherwise past-their-prime and put them in a bag.

You know have rags for cleaning, dusting and fire starting.

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Take all the pieces that you like but don’t quite fit your body and put them in another bag.

Now, find a tailor, and let them work some magic,.. you’ll be amazed.

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Take all the clothes that do not fit your personality and put them in yet another bag.

Donate these, sell them on thrift stores, and wish them well in a new life. Resolve to never let these styles darken your drawers again.

Via Medium

Wash what you have remaining.

It feels good to smell good.

Via Medium

Iron and put away what you just washed.

Creases make you feel sharp.

Via Medium

Gather up all the fashion magazines on your home.

Recycle them. They got you into this mess in the first place.

Via Medium

Enjoy your suddenly roomy closet.

You (and it) look fantastic.

Via Medium

Source: Jessica Hagy Thiisindexed & Jessicahagy | I Love ChartsHow to upgrade your wardrobe without buying any new clothes — I Love Charts — Medium.


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