Buying 1st Class Home Décor at Second Hand Stores

Searching for and purchasing second-hand home décor can take a little more time than just running to your local furniture or home goods store, but the savings and overall effect will be well worth your time investment.


Some of the most expensive things in a room are the furniture pieces, but this doesn’t mean that you have to break your budget when you choose décor for your home. Thrifts stores and used furniture stores are all great options. Generally, items made of wood, metal, and plastics are going to be safer purchases than those with large amounts of stuffing (like sofas and mattresses).

  1. Buying used bed frames and headboards can free up some extra cash to use on new box springs and mattresses.
  2. Take used bookshelves, repaint if needed, and then hang a small curtain rod across the top and attach inexpensive drapes or even a simple square of your favorite cotton print. Now you have a cute storage unit or unique dresser for your kids clothing or toys they can access easily.
  3. Buy a dining room table and chairs separately if you don’t find a complete set, and paint or refinish both to give them a cohesive look. Add chair covers that match a runner down the middle and no one will ever know they didn’t come as a matched set.
  4. Look for second-hand knobs and dresser pulls to give new life to the furniture you already have.
  5. Framed wall art can bring a room to life, try buying a used, framed print and repainting or embellishing the frame to give it new life.
  6. Tale your own family and favorite photographs and buy frames from the thrift store. You can even enlarge your favorite pics for a piece to hang over the fireplace without spending a fortune on the frame and glass.
  7. Buy holiday dinnerware at second stores, you’ll be able to add festive touches to your holiday by just incorporating new plates and bowls with holiday themes.

Source: Buying First Class Home Décor at Second Hand Stores at


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