aside Get Real, You Have a Beach Body


For the ladies in the video, trying on swimsuits is awkward, emotional, and painfully funny. Get it real, most of the ladies who have been in this situation knows that is not easy at all, it’s like someone screaming through a mirror what you have wrong. Oh society, come one, please… let’s change this asap.

Sooo,.. Refinery29 asked eight women to share what goes through their minds when they’re searching for the perfect bathing suit. Here are few of their responses:


“Uh it’s too small, I look stupid and my stomach’s big and fat. And then you’re just tired and you leave with nothing and you just feel like you wasted your life.”

All images from Refinery29

“Why is there nothing that fist me? Why is the lighting so bad? Oh my God, I have cellulite, I mean, I know I have cellulite, but I’m really good at forgotting I have cellulite.”

All images from Refinery29

“Some days you wake up like, ‘Oh my God, I am banging.’ Like ‘Thank God!’ And then some days you wake up, and you’re like, ‘Ah well, turns out I’m a monster piece of garbage, and I didn’t realize that.'”

But wait, trust me, there’s a way to fight against that inner negative voice in your head, you have to be your own cheerleader. 🙂

All images from Renifery29

“That’s why us plus-size bloggers we gotta be out here like, ‘Girl, love your body!'”

All images from Refinery29

“Don’t be afraid to desexualize yourself if that’s how you feel.”

Heck yeah, Franchesca Ramsey was damn right, it’s important to remember that we are all humans, which means we have good and bad days on this journey to fully love ourselves. Just try to have some good time, no one is perfect, don’t think too much about others judgments, because in the end it’s your life, and this is what matters.

Confidence is important, just remember that!


Read more on: 7 real ladies get real about swimsuit shopping.



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